Chinese Text Project 中國哲學書電子化計劃EditEdit

Donald Sturgeon, ed.  © 2006.

The Chinese Text Project is the most user-friendly of the large textual databases currently available, containing over 6,000 texts and twenty-six million characters.  Along with the dictionary (see above), the site boasts a range of other tools, such as a parallel passages interface (with both transmitted and excavated editions, featuring color-coded concordances of parallel or similar passages in other texts), images of source manuscripts, concordance and index data, the most common subcommentaries for most texts, publication data for various editions, and user-driven metadata entry, discussion forum and even an internal wiki.  In addition to the powerful basic text search functions, the advanced search interface includes selection by time period and use of the extensive metadata tags. The site also provides English translations for most texts, an extensive Bibliography section, and a well-developed wiki with an active community.

The Chinese Text Project website can be accessed in English, traditional or simplified Chinese, or a combination thereof.



Ctext screenshot

CText has a dictionary function that can be applied to each passage.

Ctext screenshot2

Some passages have commentary as well.